100 Women We Love

photo by Nadine Rovner
Amanda Leahy
"A girl has to eat," the event-coordinating, film-festival-judging, trip-hop-plugging, Philadelphian fashionista says, after claiming she tends bar during a season only she would describe as slow. Nothing about Leahy suggests there's ever a chance for down time. The abridged version of her resume highlights the birth of Philly Love Project Productions, a company that wages multimedia war on those in search of concerts and exhibits featuring original artistic works. She developed Piazza on Passyunk, a monthly street celebration to diversify the neighborhood via arts, crafts, food and community outreach. She also served as the chair for the jury committee for the Philadelphia Independent Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. "A lot of the films I was judging were made by women I admired or worked with," Amanda says. "I took my job very seriously." –IJ