100 Women We Love

Art Gallery? Check. Food Column in Bust Magazine? Check. Radio show? Check. Inventive, outrageous catering business that guarantees nothing short of a party in your mouth? You guessed it: check. But a list of accomplishments isn't the only thing that makes Chef Rossi someone you want to stand next to at a party. It's her candid, infectious charm. Rossi's unrelenting energy has shaped what used to be a hobby into the successful, sought-after Raging Skillet, a venture that nourishes her "anti-caterer" reputation. Tofu pastrami rubens, salmon tandoori and cilantro chutney currently top her list of personal favorites, but they're appetizers compared to the anatomically correct portions she served during V-Day. "We considered doing a chocolate covered vagina for dessert but…we settled on a woman's lips." –IJ?
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