100 WOMEN WE LOVE 2008

Jill Bennett

Actor Jill Bennett is queer-themed programming’s “it” girl: She plays Michelle on here! TV’s soap opera Dante’s Cove, she recently wrapped the lesbian comedy And Then Came Lola, and her Web-based series 3Way will jump to the silver screen at Outfest, L.A.’s LGBT film festival. She also hosts the vlog (video blog) We’re Getting Nowhere on AfterEllen.com. This tireless performer has appeared in Beverly Hills 90210, The Others, Exes and Ohs, Out at the Wedding and Expiration Date. “It seems that the Web is the best place to be right now,” she says. “….I do think we’re proving, with the popularity of the vlogs, that there is a desperate need for lesbian programming in the world…..The first major corporation that has the balls to step up and fund lesbian content will be rewarded with viewers and loyalty,” she predicts. –KL

In no particular order...

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