Stop Drinking

100 WOMEN WE LOVE 2008

Grace Moon

OurChart began as a storyline on Showtime’s The L Word, and has rocketed into reality as an online social networking site for lesbians at As managing editor, Grace Moon oversees content, including a recent slideshow featuring the work of dyke photographers. “There really is a sense of community and conversation,” she says of the site. “This is a place where the community can come together.” Moon has an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and is also the founder of Velvetpark, a lushly visual arts-and-culture online magazine for lesbians. In 2004, when Moon applied for the trademark “Velvetpark: Dyke Culture in Bloom,” the request was denied; the U.S. Trademark and Patent office found the word “dyke” to be “immoral and scandalous.” With a push from Moon, the government agency eventually changed its position, accepting the trademark in 2006. –LL

In no particular order...

Stop Drinking
Original LGBT Expo
160x300 Businesses
160x300 Half Skyscraper Events