100 Women We Love: Class of 2011

photo by Robin Roemer

Autostraddle.com, Riese Bernard’s phenomenally popular Web site, has enjoyed explosive growth in the past year. The site doubled its readership with lady-friendly advice columns, snarky cultural commentary and political news; launched a redesign and added social networking tools; coordinated a worldwide meetup for fans; and opened its online store. What’s the secret to Autostraddle’s success? “We employ a funny, conversational tone to make all that complicated DOMA and DADT stuff make sense and be fun to read, so everyone is informed and can fight properly with their parents at the dinner table,” Bernard laughs. “When readers tell us they've met other queers, come out to their friends and family, stopped hating themselves and decided life is worth living because of Autostraddle, that's not just the most rewarding part of my work—that's the most rewarding part of my life.” –KL

The Womens Event 2016