100 Women We Love: Class of 2011


"As a queer woman working in the feminist movement, I’ve witnessed many instances where today's women's movement still isn't as inclusive of lesbian, queer, bi or trans people as we can and need to be. Conversely, in the LGBT rights movement, I've also witnessed healthy doses of sexism," observes Yana Walton, Vice President of Communications for the Women's Media Center, the organization dedicated to making sure women’s stories are told truthfully in the news. A veteran activist, Walton has worked with GLAAD, the Utah Pride Center and Planned Parenthood of Utah. Walton is a skilled analyst adept at training others in effective messaging and campaigning against homophobia, transphobia and sexism in the media. "In my daily work, I try to keep my eye on the biggest prize of justice for all, and focus on what our movements share in common. Lesbian, queer and trans issues are women's issues," she says. –KL

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