100 Women We Love: Class of 2011


Party promoter Camille Thomas launched LezPlay in 2009 to bring diverse groups of women together throughout New York City, Miami, D.C., Atlanta and Philadelphia. But just hosting events and parties wasn’t enough—she wanted to truly reach women, beyond a night out in a major city. So she founded LezPlay Radio, an online talk show that in 150 episodes has brought together listeners from local communities to as far away as South Africa. For Thomas, providing this outlet for everything from a lesbian soap opera to sex advice is a form of activism. "There is a social responsibility when you become a promoter,” she says. “I thought about what else I could do to enhance our presence; our contribution; our challenges as women; and that was LezPlay Radio. I hope that I've made an impact as one of the women whose efforts helped close the gap between us and the other women of America.” –SJ

Free Life Campaign 10/27