100 Women We Love: Class of 2011

photo by Jorge Gonzalez

Smart, quirky and instantly likable, Faith Choyce might have you laughing so hard you won’t notice when she broaches dark, controversial or dangerous topics. The standup comedian effortlessly delivers her heartfelt and humorous spin on everything from Oprah/Jesus comparisons to off-brand breakfast cereal with well-honed wit. Her message to her growing audience: “No matter how different you think you are, there's always going to be a place for you where you fit in and are accepted for who you are. There's room for everybody.” She jokes that sunshine, love and her landlord’s phone calls after the third of the month are her biggest inspirations. “Every time someone comes up to me after a show and tells me that I made them forget about some horrible or stressful event in their life, if only for a few minutes, that makes it more than worth it,” Choyce says. “I love making mascara run in a good way.” This fall, don’t miss Choyce’s new show The New Black, coming to a college campus near you. –KL

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