100 Women We Love

photo by Katie Kelly
Gauri Manglik
At 23, Gauri Manglik is already making her mark on the predominantly male tech startup scene. After graduating from NYU, where she majored in computer science, the young entrepreneur quit her job in finance to start her own company. She is now the CEO and co-founder of Fondu, a growing social network for sharing “bite-size restaurant reviews” with friends. Recently featured by Apple in its App Store, Fondu’s ambitious vision is to eventually move past food reviews and allow users to view all experiences through other people’s eyes. With the launch of Fondu, Manglik grabbed the technology world’s attention. NYU named her Entrepreneur of the Month and she is a featured innovator on Under30CEO.com, a media platform covering early stage businesses around the globe. All the while, Manglik is confident, out and proud--a true trailblazer. “Being a lesbian and an Indian in a leadership role is really cool,“ she says. “I’m proud to bring my unique perspective to the startup scene where a diversity of ideas is important when trying to create innovative solutions. I’m glad I can do this, so that other people can do it too.”