100 Women We Love

photo by Duffer Schultz Photography
Kristen Limbert
Relocating homeless animals to prevent needless euthanasia is a normal day of work for Kristen Limbert. This 33-year-old hero came to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in 2007 as the Coordinator for the Humane Education Department, and then joined the Field Investigations and Response Team, an elite unit that rescues all kinds of animals from heartbreaking conditions of abuse. Limbert managed operations for dog- and cock-fighting raids, puppy mill investigations, large scale hoarding rescues and cases of horse abuse. Through her work, Limbert achieved certifications in Technical Animal Rescue, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, Ice Rescue, Search and Rescue, Farm Animal Handling and CPR. Now, in her current role as Director of Animal Relocation, Limbert facilitates transports of adoptable dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters, to areas of the country where they can be paired with new, safe homes—preventing them from languishing or dying in shelters where euthanasia rates are high. It wasn’t long ago that Limbert challenged her own relocation skills: the lifelong New Yorker recently moved to New Orleans and now lives there with her partner, six dogs and two cats.