100 Women We Love

photo by Publicus Modem
Adrienne M. Thomas
Boston-based Adrienne M. Thomas heads up Bad Ass Freckled Boi/Incorrigible Romantic Productions, a company creating events “to strengthen and have fun within the stud/AG family unit.” Thomas is co-producer (and affectionately called the “mayor”) of Provincetown’s Women of Color Weekend as well as a sought-after fundraiser. With a background in development, she has held positions at several non-profit organizations, including a governorship with the Human Rights Campaign and co-chairing the local HRC board. Yet her heart belongs to the stud/AG community. “There just isn't much out there for us,” she explains. “There's so much confusion about what it means to be a stud or AG—in the street, at work, in the bedroom. My message for the LGBT community is that there is not just one cookie cutter way to be a stud/AG, and if there has to be a model, that model should embody more positive aspects than negative traits.” Among other projects, Thomas leads interactive stud/AG workshops that focus on learning, discovery and “much needed dialogue and bonding between people.” She may even have an upcoming book or film in the works. “These are very exciting times, and soon people will see and hear our stories.”