100 Women We Love

M.J. Corey
M.J. Corey is a font of literary talent and boundless ambition (a result of her Sarah Lawrence College education, no doubt.) She published her first short story in the edgy literary paper The Brooklyn Rail before she was old enough to legally drink—and once she passed that hurdle, an excerpt from her work-in-progress, Missing Communion, appeared in the countercultural religion magazine Killing the Buddha. She brings her work to the masses at literary events like Queer Memoir and Earshot Reading Series, while contributing to a range of major pubs: Seventeen, Thought Catalog and Make/Shift Magazine, just to name a few. “Nothing feels better than making a piece of art out of the disorganized beauty and terror that life is, seeing a blank page get filled up with words. And getting to share it feels good,” says Corey. One of her latest short stories, “Rebound,” has been adapted into a screenplay for a short film. This fall, Corey will head to Columbia for her MFA. “A wildly underrated perk of making art is the feeling of really personal connection with others that it can evoke,” she adds. “The act of writing is solitary, but once the work is out there, you become connected to everyone.”