100 Women We Love

Tisha Floratos
Tisha Floratos gets paid to travel the world in search of the hottest lesbian resorts and cruise ports—try to contain your jealousy. She’s the Cruise Director and Vice President of Travel and Business Operations for Olivia Travel, the oldest and largest lesbian leisure company in the world, where she scouts new destinations and oversees every aspect of the business. “The day I met Judy Dlugacz, Olivia’s founder and president, I was immediately drawn to Olivia’s mission—which is to create greater visibility for lesbians and build a community through our vacations.” Floratos joined Olivia a decade ago after a stint as a producer for the TV show Extra; now, instead of wrangling celebrities, she contributes to the indelible memories made by thousands of lesbians—and provides a safe, welcoming environment where travelers can be themselves. She takes particular pleasure in the variety of Olivia’s clientele. “As a Latina, I’m proud of how we are reaching so many more women of color. Our trips are truly diverse—with women of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds from all over the world,” Floratos says. “I love to see how Olivia changes women’s lives and creates lifelong connections. The Olivia experience is truly indescribable.”
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