100 Women We Love

photo by J-F Vergel
Stacy McWilliams
Among men’s pro sports leagues, the NBA consistently ranks at the top for diversity in management positions, including race and gender. One of those leaders is Stacy McWilliams, Vice President of Team Marketing & Business Operations. At the NBA, McWilliams represents team interests by working with internal stakeholders and external parties—like broadcast and marketing partners, licensees and agencies—to develop mutually beneficial programs and revenue-generating business opportunities. Her responsibilities aren’t just domestic; McWilliams took on a role of liaison between the league’s New York office and China after recently spending seven months in Beijing as the NBA's VP, Client Programs and Business Solutions. She's also active in the NBA's involvement and reach within the LGBT community. “I'm proud of the work we do at the NBA with LGBT organizations, and I'm fortunate to work with people who are willing to stand up for what is right,” McWilliams tells GO. “On a personal level, I believe we all have life experiences and strengths that will move us forward and make a difference, and we can all make an impact everyday by being out."
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