100 Women We Love

Sabrina Haley
Whether she’s shooting a fiery festival in India or producing the electrifying nightlife of New York City, globetrotting photographer/producer Sabrina Haley captures and connects with the human experience. Her photos have appeared in GO, IKEA, Curve, AutoStraddle, Gayweddings.com, Time Out and many other publications. She shoots documentary weddings and editorial assignments, and since becoming involved in fundraising events for Stonewall Inn, Marriage Equality New York and the Anti-Violence Project, she is now shooting more gay and lesbian weddings, engagements and new families with joy and compassion. With strong ties to the worldwide LGBT community and nine years as an event producer/promoter of queer events in NYC, she organizes parties with lasting impact—like at the United Nations earlier this year—to bring us closer to the equality we deserve. Working regularly with big names in nightlife, entertainment and activism, Haley joined the advisory board of Nightlife Cultural Initiative (NCI), a nonprofit organization founded to elevate New York City nightlife culture. “I came to NYC to be a photographer, but was driven to do so much more," Haley says. “I’m passionate about everything I do, for myself and my community. It makes it all worth it when a young gay person tells me that my event made it easier for them to be gay; that is how we will do it, one person at at time, together.”