100 Women We Love

Shanna katz
“Professional pervert”—to some it’s an insult; to Shanna Katz, M.Ed, ACS, it’s her job description. The self-described “queer kinky disabled femme,” a board-certified sexologist, teaches about the huge spectrum of sexuality through discussions about relationship communication skills, non-monogamy, oral sex, disability and more. She’s using her Masters of Sexuality Education to provide accessible sex education to people across the country and online. “Sexuality education is a field that needs attention, focus, conversation and open-minded people,” she observes. “We do a huge disservice, especially to the LGBTQ community, by not educating folks about identity, relationships, sexuality and everything else that is not covered during traditional sex ed.” She has certainly filled that niche by teaching university classes, speaking at conferences, contributing to sexuality websites and serving on the boards of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and The Center for Sex Positive Culture. When not blogging, teaching, writing or tweeting about the oh-so-many interesting and awkward moments in her life, you can find Shanna drinking tea, eating cupcakes, and cuddling with her partner and their three rescued cats.
Free Life Campaign 10/27