100 Women We Love

photo by AMY ROTHE
Leigh Guldig
Since emerging onto the professional illustration scene late last year, South Boston-based artist Leigh Guldig has made the big time: she frequently contributes editorial designs to The New York Times, counts The Gap and Old Navy among her clients, and has been recognized by the leading directory of illustration talent American Illustration. After completing her undergraduate degree in graphic design, she earned a masters degree in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she also received the SCAD award for Outstanding Excellence. Her illustrations are replicas of the past reinterpreted into the future, using images of quotidian objects in the style of Victorian engravings, and take into account current social issues in an effort to spark and ignite change. “Excitement happens for me when I can build a new meaning from the subversion of old imagery,“ she says. She and her partner are both advocates for social justice including LGBT rights, animal rights and the environment. “Visuals can have a simple yet persuasive impact on generating change within society,“ Guldig continues.“I intend to contribute to that change with my illustrations."