100 Women We Love

photo by Helen Pearson
Sara Bacon
Innovative entrepreneur Sara Bacon is the founder of not one but two Brooklyn-based businesses. In 2004, Bacon launched Command C Design, a boutique web design and development studio. Then last year, she opened Greenpoint Coworking, a shared workspace for independent workers. A selfdescribed “design nerd” who is “all about entrepreneurialism,” Bacon followed her own path, strategizing ways she could turn her skill set into a profitable enterprise. Her motto is work hard, play hard, stay true. An intelligent risk-taker with a creative eye, Bacon is living proof that her motto is a formula for success. Above all, she believes in being authentic. “I think transparency is key," she says. "In my experience the universe is pretty responsive—the more authentic you are, the more authenticity you attract. Staying committed to that idea seems to have helped maintain a loyal customer base and attract the kind of businesses I want to be working with—creative, innovative businesses run by good people doing good work.”