100 Women We Love

photo by Jackson Hill
Caroline Hill
New Orleans native Caroline Hill, whose first initial and last name niftily spell “chill”, is a Brooklyn-based artist who produces paintings, watercolors, drawings and murals. Influenced by such 20th century modern masters as Picasso and Basquiat, Hill creates images that are delightfully inventive and utterly original. (Even so, her Brooklyn Birds series would make John James Audubon proud.) Combining an illustrator’s linear sensibilities with a fauvist color palette, Hill chooses intriguing subjects that fluctuate between fantasy and the natural world. Since getting her Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University eight years ago, Hill has exhibited widely in the United States, including shows at New Orleans’ DuMois Gallery and Jean Bragg Gallery of Southern Art, as well as NYC’s 5 + 5 Gallery and Cheryl’s Global Soul. Her brilliantly colorful murals adorn the walls of coffeehouses and private residences. What inspired Hill to become an artist? “I really had no choice,“ she says. “I go a little crazy if I go even a day without drawing. I've been extremely lucky to be able to do what I love as my job.”