100 Women We Love: Class of 2006

Julie Bolcer
As Vice President of the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, founded in 1978, Bolcer is responsible for increasing LGBT visibility. Through outreach events and educational panels, registering voters, screening and endorsing candidates for public office and lobbying elected officials, Bolcer enacts change. According to Bolcer, “We are living in the optimal time to make change, reach an audience and identify and attain our common goals.” This activist, who in her spare time also serves as GO NYC’s News Editor, has been involved with LID since January 2005. She said, “As LGBT individuals make gains in the 21st century, it remains imperative that we still mobilize for change, in the first place to reinforce progress and address the conservative backlash that inevitably arises in response to our high profile advances, and secondly to assist those who might not have benefited from the initial round of positive developments.”
Free Life Campaign 10/27