100 Women We Love: Class of 2006

Patricia Logue
Senior council for Lamba Legal’s Chicago office, Logue helped win Lawrence v. Texas in the Supreme Court, decriminalizing sodomy. “The decision is lyrical and powerful and will stand the test of time,” said Logue. She also works to “keep children from being torn from their parents, and parents from their children,” said Logue. “We are seeking marriage equality to secure families, but also work hard to advance non-marital protections such as second-parent adoption, domestic partnership rights, birth certificate recognition and custody and visitation rights for LGBT people who raise children, regardless of labels.” Though marriage equality may be the hot-button issue, Logue said, “the underlying issue of being legal equals...entitled to [being] lifted from the legal limbo and insecurity in which we live as individuals and families,” is just as important.
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