100 Women We Love: Class of 2006

Rose Troche
Filmmaker Troche first caught our attention in 1994 with her runaway indie hit Go Fish, starring Guinevere Turner. In 1998, she followed up with Bedrooms and Hallways, the story of a British gay man whose 30th birthday spurs a crisis of sorts. In 2001, the quirky film The Safety of Objects, starring Glenn Close, Patricia Clarkson and Dermot Mulroney, cemented her reputation. Next, she began writing for TV, penning episodes of Six Feet Under, Touching Evil and The L Word. “Working with the same crew over a period of years is amazing,” said Troche of working on The L Word. “There is such familiarity; it makes it a pleasure to work.” Currently Troche is casting the film In A Country of Mothers and directing Potential, an adaptation of Ariel Schrag’s comic book.
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