100 Women We Love: Class of 2009

(in no particular order, cause we love em' all!)

Daryn DeZengotita

Texan Daryn DeZengotita is not your typical “Avon Lady”. With a background in technology, she first became interested in Avon for the flexible schedule which allowed her more time with her two sons and her partner of 11 years. She now works with the iconic beauty brand as both an e-Representative and as the owner of an Avon retail store in Dallas. “I have been out for my entire career, because I’ve never really been closeted.” DeZengotita says, “I tried the closet for a week or two, didn’t really suit me. I quickly discovered that whatever the world had to hand me couldn’t possibly be worse than the closet.” She was featured in one of Avon’s television ads which ran during the Super Bowl this year and she currently appears in their first 30-minute paid program. In case you were wondering, her favorite Avon product is Beyond Color Lip Conditioner, which she uses day and night. “Funny, for being the ultimate ‘lipstick lesbian’” DeZengotita says, “my favorite product is more of a ‘lip balm’ thing!” -CB

Remember, these are in no particular order because we love them all!