100 Women We Love: Class of 2009

(in no particular order, cause we love em' all!)

photo by Knottie Pictures
Vagina Jenkins

Since she began her burlesque career in 2003, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been thrilling audiences throughout the United States, appearing at such notable events as South By Burlesque and Miss Exotic World. “I hope that my audience appreciates how revolutionary an act it is for a woman of color and size to take up space and demand attention,” she says of her performances. The self-proclaimed “ecdysiast exemplar” has also starred in her own one-woman show, with the perfect burlesque-y title, The Big Tease, and was voted Best Burlesque Dancer 2008 by Creative Loafing Atlanta. Ms. Jenkins gets a lot out of her performances as well: “I get a sense of how awesome I am when I perform. How much my body looks like my foremothers' and how beautiful we all are.” -CB

Remember, these are in no particular order because we love them all!