100 Women We Love Class of 2010

photo by Meagan Cignoli
Bridget Hauserman

A self-proclaimed “Type A” personality, Bridget Hauserman is a successful attorney and entrepreneur. Though she’s an out-and-proud lesbian, this Canada native didn’t become involved in the queer community until she moved to New York and saw the need to work for equality. “I think I took the fact that we had equal rights in Canada for granted,” she says. Hauserman recently left her job as a corporate bankruptcy lawyer to practice entertainment law and run her company, IndyProfessionals, a directory and networking site for entertainment professionals. She also co-produces the bi-weekly femme-focused Friday night party Proposition and recently started AltEvents, which will produce non-club oriented lesbian events, including several LGBT fundraisers this summer. Hauserman says, “I hope to help inspire confidence in other LGBT people, especially young women, to be out and active in all aspects of their lives, including their professional environment. Only through greater visibility can we create tolerance and achieve equality.” -CB