100 Women We Love: Marilyn Abalos

We are thrilled to present the 2013 list of 100 Women We Love - Including...

The LGBT community would be nowhere without volunteerism. Among those who donate their time and energy, Marilyn Abalos is a superstar: Co-Chair of the Human Rights Campaign’s Volunteer Committee, longtime volunteer leader of HRC of Greater New York‘s Steering Committee, former Co-Chair and current advisor to their Diversity and Political Committees, board member at the New York Women’s Agenda—well, you get the idea. Abalos cares deeply about LGBT rights, understands there is strength in numbers, and uses her epic leadership skills to ensure that one fosters the other. "While it’s essential to unite LGBT and allies to promote understanding and improve the quality of our lives," Abalos says, "it's equally important to safeguard our rights through the law." Toward that end, Abalos has led over 900 HRC committee members and wrangled more than 200 volunteers to organize phone banks, for Get Out the Vote campaigns, and to canvass for pro-marriage equality votes. She was chosen to represent HRC in the New York-statewide Transgender Rights Coalition’s fight to pass GENDA. Standing at a mere 5' 2", Abalos is a giant in the community. –DN