100 Women We Love: Stacy Lentz

We are thrilled to present the 2013 list of 100 Women We Love - Including...

Stacy Lentz loves gay bars. Specifically, one bar: the Stonewall Inn, the site of the eponymous 1969 riot that gave rise to the modern gay-rights movement. When the bar fell on hard times, closing in 2006, Lentz and her business partners helped save our most significant landmark. She also became its first (and only) female investor, and began using her position for activism by organizing or hosting hundreds of events for GLAAD, Marriage Equality USA, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, HRC, the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), Sylvia's Place, Lambda Legal, and others. Recently, she helped organize the March for Marriage rally, uniting over 80 LGBT organizations to call for the repeal DOMA. For her contributions, Lentz was honored by the Stonewall Community Foundation and given the Community Hero Services Award by the AVP. Lentz also ensures the lesbian community feels welcome in what was once a male-dominated space. "I wanted women to have amazing parties and events and be a part of this iconic place," she says. The Stonewall is now home to some of the longest-running and biggest women parties in the city, prompting GO readers to name it “Best Overall Bar” in 2012. -DN

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