Captivating Couples 2014

photo by Lydia Daniller
San Francisco, CA
Michelle, 42, writer and artistic director of
RADAR Productions
Dashiell, 34, sales director at Yelp

Michelle and Dashiell met at a benefit for a mayoral candidate, where Michelle was auctioning off a date. No, Dashiell didn´t bid, but she did sit by Michelle and ask her some wholesome and charming questions. Their candidate lost, but the night sure wasn´t a bust-these two went on their first date a few days later. And now they´re married! "The most memorable part of our wedding was when we walked down the aisle together holding hands and everyone stood up and cheered," they remember. However, they´re also dealing with the common obstacles of starting a family. "Our biggest challenge has been trying to get pregnant," they say. "It´s a really exhausting and stressful process with more downs than ups, but we´re just gentle with one another. We´re in it together." Their secret to relationship success? Simply being good at love! "We are just really 100% on each other´s teams. We do nice things for each other and say ´I love you´ so much it could make some people sick," Michelle laughs. "We just really appreciate each other. Also, I don´t drink and Dashiell rarely does, and you might be surprised how many dumb fights come from being a little drunk. We never have that." The pair is looking forward to raising their kid, either at their sweet San Francisco home or on an adventure living abroad.