Captivating Couples 2014

photo by Brook Pifer
New York, NY
Triona, 29, graphic designer
Emily, 31, actor/musician/photo assistant

In the spring of 2011, a wise mutual friend decided that Triona and Emily were perfect for each other. At the time, Triona lived in Boston and Emily lived in NYC, but the persistent friend was undeterred and finally got them to meet at a house party in Brooklyn. "Emily is an adorable child at heart; it´s endearing," Triona says. "She´s also one hell of a cook." Emily tells us, "Triona has a calm, creative solution for any problem. She knows when to give me a hug and tell me not to fret. Also, she´s got those killer dimples." Like every couple, they have their Achilles´ heel. "Dishes, hands down," they admit. "We both despise washing dishes, we´ve even argued about who used which cup!" Appreciating life´s simple pleasures helps set them straight: "A cup of coffee, a walk in the park, a good cuddle, playing ´gay or hipster?´ on the L train…when life gets busy and we start to feel disconnected, we take a breath and enjoy the little moments. They make us remember why we fell in love in the first place." Where do they see themselves in five years? "Who knows, but let´s hope it involves an apartment with a dishwasher," they laugh. "Seriously, though, we hope we have explored more of the world together, eaten many scrumptious meals and are still enjoying our weekend walks with our dog Ella."
Free Life Campaign 10/27