Captivating Couples 2014

Atlanta, GA
Samantha, 26, PhD student in women´s, gender and sexuality studies
Kath, 28, office manager

Kath and Sam met the traditional way, on OKCupid!, and had their first date at Brooklyn´s Metropolitan Bar in February 2011. They can sum up the secret to their relationship´s success with three words: "Laughing. Cats. Patience." With a recipe like that, it´s been smooth sailing, for the most part. "We lived long distance for about four months when Sam first moved to Georgia for school," Kath explains. "That was a stressful period, and when I moved to join her, it took some time to adjust. But we gave each other space and always make sure that we both have friend time and alone time." Kath cites her favorite thing about Sam as "her little ´Minion´ voice. But, seriously, she´s motivated and smart, and a killer cook." Sam thinks Kath is pretty OK, too: "I love her sense of humor, the happy and healthy relationship she has with her family, and her drive for success," she says. When Sam graduates, the pair are looking forward to moving back to NYC or to Sam´s home state of Hawaii, where they plan to live out their days happily watching all the ´Emotional Period Pieces Featuring a Strong Female Lead´ on Netflix, advocating for underprivileged kittens and being adorable together on Instagram.
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