Captivating Couples 2014

photo by Christina Bailey
Colusa, CA
Christina, 24, first grade teacher
Katie, 26, assistant bank manager

When Christina and Katie were introduced through mutual friends, the immediate attraction was a happy surprise for both. But there was one small problem: they lived 160 miles apart. "The commuting was awful, but worthwhile to see each other," they agree. After eight months of the long distance drag, the pair caught a break when Katie was able to advance within her company and move closer to Christina. They moved in together and celebrated their civil union ceremony in Hawaii in June 2012. When same-sex marriage became legal in California last July, they tied the knot. "It´s so nice to finally call her my wife," Katie says. Both women are highly motivated in their careers, and expect it could bring challenges to their relationship. It´s OK, because they´re armed with the secrets of success: "Being honest and patient with one another, as well as taking many vacations!" Christina says. For Katie, it´s "knowing that we´re in it together, and that we are a team. No matter the problem, we know we can overcome it together." A shared passion for travel doesn´t hurt either. "Christina always wanted to go to Ireland, so we went there last summer," Katie says. "I´ve always wanted to see Italy, which we´re planning on doing this summer. And we love exploring little places nearby on the weekend." Now, besides planning their next travel adventure, they´re looking forward to finding a new home and starting a family.
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