Captivating Couples 2014

photo by Toki Cavener
San Francisco, CA
Jamie, 30, CEO of Hybrid Distillery
Ginny, 34, master distiller

When Jamie moved to San Francisco in 2007, she knew right away it was a good decision. Soon after her arrival, a new friend introduced her to one of his co-workers, a lovely young Ginny. They instantly formed a strong friendship, and after about six months, they started dating. "We´ve been together ever since," they tell us. "Jamie is hilarious. She doesn´t take herself too seriously," Ginny says. "She´s strong, beautiful and supports me creatively without being afraid to tell me her genuine feelings in a constructive way." Jamie says Ginny´s compassion is one of her favorite qualities. "The love, support and overall encouragement she offers anyone is admirable," she says. "Plus, Ginny makes the best coffee, every morning!" They´ve concluded that the secret to their relationship´s success is communication, respect and genuine compassion; plus, they love surprising each other to keep things exciting and romantic. But it´s not all butterflies and rainbows. Life has dealt these ladies their share of lemons: "Jamie doesn´t like the sound of chewing, so by far my biggest challenge has been learning to eat popcorn and apples quietly," Ginny laments. Fortunately, they´re working it out. The couple plans to be married in 2015 in Provence, France with "a small, intimate celebration and tons of excellent wine!"