Captivating Couples 2014

photo by David Snedeker
Middletown, PA
Diane, 35, servicer of student loans
Kristin, 28, paralegal

This couple´s story began in 2005, when Kristin met the girl next door... literally. Diane lived across the street from Kristin´s parents´ house. Five years later, they held a civil union ceremony in front of a cheering crowd on the Jersey Shore, and in 2013 they upgraded to marriage in Asbury Park. Now, the pair lives happily in Pennsylvania. "Diane isn´t afraid of change. She would go out on a limb for anyone," Kristin says. "She has the biggest heart." Diane reciprocates, "I´ve never met anyone more supportive than Kristin. Also, I hate surprises and she has this need to constantly surprise me with things!" These women definitely have a lot of love for each other and a lot of love to give-they were the first same-sex couple to adopt jointly in Bucks County, PA. They adopted their autistic son, DeAndre, from the foster system and are planning to take on another four children. The couple dedicates their free time to autism awareness projects, and assisting with foster parenting and adoption. How do they see things panning out a few years down the road? "In five years, I still see us head over heels for each other, just like we are now after seven years together," Kristin says. "We´ll be challenging ourselves to be better people and advocate for others in every possible way."