Captivating Couples 2014

photo by Jerry James
Brooklyn, NY
Nadine, 32, sales rep
Marsha, 28, childcare provider

After running into each other a few times on the 4 train to Borough Hall over the years, Marsha and Nadine finally worked up the courage to approach each other. "After a short walk and a brief chat, I knew that she was the woman I´d marry," Marsha says. "On June 26, 2013, we were glued to the television with fingers and toes crossed, hoping the Supreme Court would rule in favor of marriage equality." A month later, they were married. Their wedding had a few rom-com-style bumps along the way, but they know better than to sweat the small stuff. "While waiting nearly four hours to be wed, our limousine was stuck in traffic over the bridge, which made us late for our reception. Despite nothing going as planned, we weren´t frustrated because we were so happy," Nadine remembers. "We hailed a yellow cab and enjoyed the ride." Even better, it seems what we´ve got here is a classic case of opposites attracting. "Our biggest challenge would be that we´re completely different! Even though sometimes Nadine makes me want to pull my dreadlocks out, I can´t picture myself laying down next to someone else at the end of the day," Marsha laughs. "We´re not allowed to go to bed without holding each other, and communication is our guide."
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