Precious Pussy of the Month

Name: Lexie (named for a variation of Lexington Avenue)
Mommy: Kelly
Age: Three, according to the feral feline rescue organization. She had been waiting two years to be adopted, after giving birth to a litter of eight kittens!
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Dilute Torti DSH
Birthplace: Unknown, but most likely Houston, TX
Residence: Houston, TX
Occupation: Escape artist
Favorite Toys: Rainbow cat dancer, belled mouse, rubber bands, wine corks
Favorite Leisure Activities: Climbing the screen door, scratching, attacking Mom´s legs and feet at night, climbing through window blinds
Favorite Food: (Clean) tissues
Pet Peeves: Water bottle squirts, the closed patio door, unopened blinds
Least Favorite Phrase: ″Lexie, where are you?″
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