Leaders of the Pack

CEO and COO, RedCapes.com

Necessity is the mother of invention, and few know this better than Wendy Robbins and her business partner/spouse Karen Paull. "I co-owned a business that manufactured and marketed "The Tingler" head massager," says Robbins. "Getting banks to support us was impossible when we needed help, and that is the story of every entrepreneur." So together with Paull, she founded RedCapes.com, a crowdfunding site with "super bionic customer service" and smaller fees than other crowdfunding sites. "I have always loved the idea of financing ideas that can change the world, or at least affect a community," Robbins explains. Paull agrees, "We do not have kids, so this is our way of leaving something good for future generations to come." Robbins and Paull are "mothers of invention" in a different way, providing the site users with social media exposure, marketing support and business coaching. "You need to take a shovel to your soul and dig in," says Robbins. "Believe in your dream, take risks." "My best advice is to let go of needing things to be safe and instead move forward with courage and conviction toward the thing you love most," echoes Paull. "Trust me, it only gets better!"
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