Anne Stott

America's Most Captivating Couples '07


Nikki Weiss
34, Agent for Film and Commercial Directors/Manager for Celebrities/Producer for Television

Carole Antouri
37, Manager for Celebrities/Producer for Television

Los Angeles, CA
In 2001, Carole walked in to the party Nikki was hosting and “it was [like] a scene from a movie,” Nikki remembers. A different kind of scene unfolded in October 2006 after they appeared on Oprah’s “Wives Confess They Are Gay” episode (which was just nominated for a GLAAD Media Award): On MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, host Joe Scarborough said lesbians shouldn’t be allowed on daytime TV and a woman from Citizens for Community Values claimed gay parenting was child abuse. But Carole and Nikki won when Scarborough apologized after being contacted by GLAAD. “We share a deep love and respect for one another,” they say. “We are best friends and we are always honest.”

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