America's Most Captivating Couples

Joelle & Jennifer

New York, New York

Joelle Aron, 51, Photo Researcher/Visual Artist

Jennifer Paul, 31, COTA/Alternative Health

There is so much warmth, playfulness, joy and affection in our relationship that it radiates out to everyone around us," Joelle and Jennifer agree. They had their first date over a cup of coffee. "As she walked toward me, all I could see was her lovely, bright smile," Jennifer recalls. Joelle adds, "I had to confess to Jennifer that I had dreamt of loving a woman since I was a teenager. This month, we are celebrating two years since that winter night. [This relationship] has lead to joy and self-realization." They share an interest in alternative health, and plan to open a wellness cafe in which people can come together to explore and celebrate nutrition. "We are committed to creating community."