America's Most Captivating Couples

Rebekah & Lydia

New York, New York

Rebekah Burford, 24, Law Student

Lydia Guterman, 27, Public Health Consultant

How they met is a matter of debate. Rebekah swears it was at a Pride event, but Lydia doesn’t remember that, and claims they met at a Safe Zone training program. The date and location of their first kiss is also matter of contention. Here’s what the happy couple can agree on: their mutual love of Marc Jacobs, shiny things, cooking, gardening, recycling, celebrity gossip, BBQ from their home state of North Carolina, politics and parenting their five-pound Chihuahua. Their key to a healthy relationship is knowing when to spend time apart. "Growing as individuals and cultivating separate interests helps us appreciate our time together and keeps us from losing ourselves." When they’re not together, Lydia works internationally in HIV and overdose prevention, while Rebekah is finishing up her law degree. "We are a positive example of a young, driven and diverse couple committed both personally and professionally to affecting positive change."

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