America's Most Captivating Couples Part I

Kim & Devlin

New York, New York
Kimberly, 34, Photographer
Devlin, 36, Singer/Songwriter

“I had an inactive account with, but I was still receiving "this could be your perfect match" emails. I always got the same cute girl, but I never renewed my subscription or contacted her. Then I was making the rounds while volunteering at a GO Magazine event in 2005, and I saw this girl smiling at me. As I was walking up the stairs, her smile sent me into memory recall and I yelled out her online user name. She answered, and I’ve been floating above the surface ever since.” Kim and Devlin recently had an intimate wedding in the Berkshires. “We celebrated with our friends; it snowed and we ended up having a white wedding. The fairy tale just keeps on going. Our secret is laughter, two kitties, and being supportive of each other’s dreams and ambitions. Without the willingness to sacrifice and compromise we would not have come this far. We’ve also been blessed with an incredibly supportive group of friends.”