America's Most Captivating Couples Part I

Maire & Amy

Old Bridge, New Jersey
Maire, 49, Musician, ViRAGO
Amy, 44, Musician, ViRAGO

Amy loves everything to do with the guitar, riding her motorcycle and making love with her woman. Maire is into psychic phenomenon, Celtic Shamanism, being part of any creative process, long walks and exploring new places with Amy. “We met for the first time in 1998 while I was performing with my percussion band in New Jersey. A student of mine showed up with Amy, but they were together at the time,” says Maire. “I met Amy again in 2000. We were at a Native American sweat lodge ceremony. Amy was the fire keeper. She was beautiful, bronzed and muscular and even remembered me. We talked about music, exchanged information and eventually ended up playing music. We’ve been together from that point on.”

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