America's Most Captivating Couples Part I

Alexsis & Veronica

Los Angeles, California
Alexsis, 32, Supervising Children’s Social Worker
Veronica, 27, Case Manager for a Non-Profit Organization

For the past two years Alexsis and Veronica have played for the Los Angeles Amazons, a women’s tackle football team. In the beginning Veronica viewed Alexsis as a teammate and nothing more. “But one day I saw Alexsis out of uniform. She was completely stunning,” she says. Alexsis had vowed not to date her teammates but Veronica wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually Alexsis couldn’t resist Veronica’s charms and they ended up together. The two love hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and any other outdoor activity. They are both big travelers and between the two of them they’ve visited three continents. They believe the secret to a successful relationship is to let down your guard and embrace whatever comes your way. “Life’s most amazing experiences come in many different packages. There’s really no exact formula for happiness,” says Alexsis.

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