America's Most Captivating Couples Part I

Megan & Michelle

Northern New Jersey
Megan, 29, Technical Analyst, HR Outsourcing Company
Michelle, 27, Account Executive, Internet Marking

“I was captivated by Michelle,” says Megan. “I knew right away she was someone I wanted to get to know. I found her on MySpace but getting her to hang out with me was a challenge. She really made me chase her. Eventually she came around and opened her heart to me.” “True love is out there,” says Michelle. “We’re living proof that it exists.” The couple credits surviving hard times and supporting each other through family tragedies for strengthening their bond. They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. “My hope for every couple is that they have the kind of love Michelle and I share. We make each other laugh and have the most amazing time. She makes everything in my life better and brighter. I hope everyone is as lucky as we have been.”

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