America's Most Captivating Couples Part II

Terese & Shaynee

New York, New York

Terese, 30s, singer, band leader, comedienne
Shaynee, 30s, pop-jazz singer, recording artist

Terese and Shaynee met in the basement of an Irish bar in San Francisco during a singing competition. “I hardly remember the basement,” Shaynee says, “But my strongest memory of meeting Terese is at the Plush Room in San Francisco. I was wearing a coat with a fabulous curly wool collar. Terese said it reminded her of a poodle. She couldn’t resist petting it.” They’ve been together for over a year. “We like to mix business with pleasure,” Terese says, “Spending days and nights working side by side on our blossoming music careers. Whether on stage, in the office, or at home, we are partners in every way.”

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