America's Most Captivating Couples 2012

photo by Lexii Fish
Ellie & Margaret
Westchester County, NY
Ellie, 65, retired assistant vice president in banking
Margaret, 63, retired assistant director of broadcast advertising

Some couples are fated to be together, even before they’re born. “Ellie’s grandmother and mine were sisters, which makes us cousins twice removed,” Margaret says. “My mother and her cousin lost track of each other when my parents decided to move to New York in 1951.” Many years later, the women found each other again at La Marqueta, a market in Spanish Harlem. “Ellie was 16 and I 15 when our mothers reconnected. The attraction was there between us even then, but we didn’t come together until four years later”—on the fourth of July, 1969. “Ellie said she saw fireworks that night and so did I, in more ways than one!” Together for more than 42 years, Ellie and Margaret married in Central Park last July. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but we try to avoid pitfalls and have remained not only lovers but friends.” And yes—“we still see those fireworks!”
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