America's Most Captivating Couples 2012

photo by Michelle Frankfurter
Tiffany & Meredith
New York, NY
Tiffany, 31, documentary film producer
Meredith, 31, social worker and musician

“In an exceedingly lucky series of events in 2007, we found each other twice. First, in the crowded annals of social media, and second, several months later, in the teeming streets of Union Square in Manhattan,” Tiffany and Meredith say. They developed their relationship slowly but surely over the next two years, culminating in a move from Manhattan to co-habitational bliss in Brooklyn. The marriage process developed into a high contrast affair for these go-getters. First, engagement began with a question casually popped over chips and salsa at their favorite taco place on May 28, 2010, followed by a legal ceremony at the Manhattan City Clerk’s office the day New York passed the Marriage Equality Act. Then the formalities kicked in: The big wedding took place at Hotel Monaco in Washington D.C., a whirlwind event quickly topped with a week of relaxation in seductive Barcelona. “Our marriage is like a living, breathing organism—it requires good food, love and clean water,” they say. “We never get sick of each other, we love traveling together, and we find comfort in the home that we've built together. What keeps us happy is a genuine joy in the other person's company and a real appreciation for the other's presence. We are just plain old happy hanging out together, anywhere.”
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