Precious Pussies of The Month

Names: Max and Buddha
Mommy: Marilyn
Ages: 14 (Max) and 13 (Buddha)
Sex: Never, poor things (they are also males)
Ethnicities: Costa Rican by nurture
Birthplaces: Hoboken, NJ (Max); Honolulu, HI (Buddha)
Residence: Ridgefield Park, NJ
Occupations: Hunter/intellect (Max), professional eater/cuddler (Buddha)
Favorite Toys: Plastic ring from milk jug (Max), crumpled paper (Buddha)
Favorite Leisure Activity: Jumping off furniture (Max), cuddling and eating (Buddha)
Favorite Foods: Beef or turkey cat food and ice cream (Max), chicken and yogurt (Buddha)
Pet Peeve: Tight hugs (Max), an empty bowl (Buddha)
Least Favorite Phrase: Ya! (Spanish for enough! or stop!)
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