Captivating Couples 2013

Queens, NY
Katrina, 30, homemaker and CEO of Tylers Closet clothing line
Tiffany, 30, NYPD officer and CFO of Tylers Closet
In March 2007, while the clocks were springing forward, Tiffany and Katrina were dancing with a spring in their steps at the popular lesbian party Lovergirl. The women noticed each other and exchanged phone numbers. After their first date two weeks later, they were inseparable. Domestic partners since 2007, Katrina and Tiffany were legally married on July 28, 2011 at City Hall with their one-year-old son Tyler in attendance. Tyler sat in silence as the officiant married his two mommies. It was almost as if Tyler knew how important that moment was for his mothers and our family, they say. Katrina adds, We both found a love in our son Tyler which neither of us believed we could have for another human being outside of ourselves. Tiffany gushes adorably about her wife, saying Katrina was and still is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my entire life. As far as Katrina is concerned, Tiffany is my Superhero. TTt (Tiffany, Trina and Tyler), as they like to call themselves, look forward to a long, happy life together, and hope to give Tyler a little brother or sister very soon.
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