Captivating Couples 2013

Claremont, CA
Sarah, 32, peace officer for the State of California
Heather, 32, certified athletic trainer, sports medicine teacher
Sarah submitted her love story to GO Magazine with the hope of becoming one of the 2013 Captivating Couples and surprising Heather in a big way. Well, Heather, surprise! The couple met on, of which Sarah says, I laugh every time people ask, but it seems to be common these days. After a few months of exchanging emails and phone calls, they officially met up at Long Beach Pride 2011. I am not exaggerating at all when I say, I knew she was the one. She was my missing puzzle piece, says Sarah. Heather proposed on Christmas Eve with a diamond ring hidden in a handmade ornament. At the same time, she played the song Whattaya Say by Jacob Saylor. She looked at Sarah and said the lyrics, Whattaya say to you and I together, you and me forever, whattaya say? and I of course said yes! The brides-to-be are planning a summer wedding surrounded by friends, family and Heather s eightyear-old son, Logan. Sarah says her favorite thing about Heather is how devoted she is to Logan and me. She loves us so much and not a day goes by that she does not show it.
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