Captivating Couples 2013

photo by Kai and Mani
Oakland, CA
JenRo, 29, actor/rapper
Keona, 28, swim/fitness instructor
While JenRo and Keona officially met at San Francisco Pride last year, they were both surprised to find out they had been Facebook friends for some time already. We have been inseparable ever since, says JenRo. With marriage and more children on their minds for the near future, one thing they know for sure is they want their wedding to be filled with music: maybe having Snoop Dogg or Alicia Keys perform-wishful thinking! JenRo herself works in the entertainment industry, which poses its own challenges for their relationship. We are very honest with each other when on the road. Loyalty is something we both admire about each other... We embrace fans, and they love and respect our relationship, explains JenRo. The two women say that trust and honesty keep them strong as a couple. My favorite thing about Jen is her ambition to prosper as a successful artist, caring friend and loving partner, says Keona. For JenRo, it is the way she kisses me in the morning, that she respects my rap career, and finally, the way she folds the cheese in my sandwiches. Love really is the greatest thing since sliced bread.